The Enchanting Allure of Winchester

Winchester picture of king Alfred Statue

The Enchanting Allure of Winchester; Famous Film Locations, in and around the Historic City

Winchester, the capital of England and former residence of King Alfred the Great has always fascinated visitors with its captivating history, breathtaking architecture, and picturesque surroundings. Besides being a haven for history enthusiasts Winchester has become a destination for filmmakers. Its timeless buildings, streets and expansive landscapes have served as settings for numerous cinematic endeavours. Let’s delve into some of the filming spots in and around Winchester.

1. Winchester Cathedral.

This awe-inspiring structure, one of Europe’s cathedrals boasts a history that spans over a thousand years. Its Gothic architecture adorned with stone carvings. An expansive nave has been prominently featured in various productions. Notably, it assumed the role of the Vatican in Ron Howards adaptation of Dan Browns “The Da Vinci Code.”

2. The Great Hall and King Arthurs Round Table.

The Great Hall is the surviving section of Winchester Castle—a marvel from the 13th century. It is most renowned for housing the Round Table associated with King Arthur. This location has served as a backdrop, for period dramas that aimed to recreate a medieval ambiance.

3. Winchester College.

Winchester College, established in 1382 is one of the schools, in the country. Boasts impressive buildings and picturesque courtyards. Its timeless charm has made it a popular choice for period films and TV series seeking to capture the essence of universities like Oxford or Cambridge without actually filming there.

4. Hospital of St Cross.

A treasure this alms-house has an atmosphere that seems frozen in time. Its church and peaceful gardens have provided the backdrop for films seeking an authentic untouched glimpse into historic English settings.

5. St. Catherines Hill.

 a distance from the city centre this prominent hill offers breathtaking panoramic views of Winchester. Its natural beauty and intricate chalk formations at its summit have attracted both documentary makers and filmmakers looking to capture its allure.

6. Twyford Waterworks.

Situated in the village of Twyford near Winchester this Edwardian Waterworks stands as a preserved piece of heritage. With its machinery and distinctive appearance, it has served as a backdrop for historical films as well, as productions requiring an industrial setting.

7. The Water Meadows.

Extending along the River Itchen these meadows epitomize the tranquil beauty of the countryside.

Whether its for capturing moments portraying eras or depicting contemporary dramas filmmakers find great delight in the lush green meadows and serene waters.

8. Wolvesey Castle (Old Bishops Palace).

The remnants of this Norman castle once served as a residence for Winchesters bishops provide a striking backdrop with their crumbling walls and rich historical significance. These enchanting ruins have been featured in period dramas and documentaries to create an ambiance.

9. Peninsular Barracks.

With its historic buildings housing museums this location has served as a captivating setting for films centred around military and wartime themes. The remarkable memorial statues and preserved structures add authenticity to the scenes portrayed.

10. Nearby Villages.

Scattered throughout the Winchester area are villages boasting cottages, village greens and historic churches. Idyllic places like Alresford characterized by its architecture and watercress farms have frequently appeared in films and series.


Winchester and its surroundings offer a range of filming locations that effortlessly transport audiences across time periods. From times to the modern era. As well as showcasing academic institutions alongside peaceful landscapes. The city’s dedication to preserving its sites while also celebrating its heritage has made it a sought-after destination, for filmmakers worldwide.

With the growth and evolution of the film industry, it’s exciting to think about how Winchesters charm will be showcased frequently in movies.

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The Enchanting Allure of Winchester

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