Storing Fragile Items

Ensuring the Safety of Delicate Possessions; A Comprehensive Guide, to Storing Fragile Items in Self-Storage Units

When it comes to utilizing self-storage units one major concern revolves around the storage of fragile items without risking any damage. Whether you are safeguarding family heirlooms or valuable glassware it is crucial to employ packing and storage techniques. This guide aims to delve into the steps that will help you ensure the safety and preservation of your items in a self-storage unit significantly reducing the risk of breakage.

Invest in High Quality Packing Materials;

The foundation for protecting items lies in choosing top-quality packing materials. Opt for cardboard boxes of sizes along with bubble wrap, packing paper and packing peanuts. It is advisable to avoid using newspaper as ink can transfer onto surfaces.

Categorize and Prioritise;

Before commencing the packing process categorize your items based on their size, shape and material. Prioritize those items that hold monetary value and require care. This step will assist you in planning the packing process.

Individually Wrap Each Item;

Provide an added layer of protection by wrapping each item. Utilize bubble wrap, for shaped objects. Opt for packing paper for smaller or more delicate items.

Make sure to use tape to secure the wrapping ensuring it stays in place while being transported or stored.

Consider using boxes that are designed for fragile items. For example, dish pack boxes come with dividers to protect plates, glasses and other delicate dishware. Mirror boxes are perfect, for artwork and mirrors.

After packing your items in the boxes fill any empty spaces with packing peanuts or extra bubble wrap. This will prevent the items from moving during transportation and while inside a storage unit reducing the risk of damage.

Clearly label each box that contains items. Use an easy-to-read marker to indicate what’s inside and mark it as “fragile.” This will help both you and anyone assisting you during the move to handle these boxes with care.

When choosing a self-storage unit take into account the climate and environmental conditions. Opt for a unit that offers climate control to avoid temperature changes that could potentially harm items. Additionally, select a unit with lots of space for storage.

To further protect your belongings in the storage unit consider placing pallets or wooden boards on the floor. This elevates your items, off the ground. Adds a layer of protection.

Taking measures is crucial to safeguard your belongings in case of water damage, such, as leaks or spills.

Regular Checkups;

Make sure to schedule checkups to ensure the safety of your delicate items. Look out for any signs of damage shifting or factors that could potentially affect the condition of your possessions.


Properly storing items in a self-storage unit requires a combination of packing and selecting the appropriate storage environment. By following these guidelines you can guarantee that your valuable belongings will remain intact and well preserved giving you peace of mind as you store your cherished items, for whatever period you need to.

Storing Fragile Items

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